August 22, 2013


 While we were picking out looks to shoot, I told Irmz that I wanted to feature a look having something to do with her sorority. Irmz goes to UDel and is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority and has a ton of clothing with their letters all over. While, I myself, never joined Greek life, I always loved their letters and how some girls styled their t-shirts and sweaters really well. 

I wanted to feature a look with Greek letters (or rather words) in a stylish way. So when you get dressed for your weekly volunteer trip or for your Greek life events you wont be feeling drab wearing just a pair of jeans and your t-shirt.

Style your Greek letters with pride. Strut in some patterned pants. Layer your shirts with a denim shirt on top and some super cute leather boots. Never forget the power of accessories, because when working with solid tops they are the punch to make your outfit interesting and fun.

Iddy bitty cat eye
Super blurry, I apologize, but she really wanted to shoutout to her ladies

 If you're as lucky as Mac to have a sorority with some good taste, then styling will be easy. A simple black tank with simple white letters is super easy to style. We chose these funky american flag shorts because it's summer and everyone in their 20's is off smokin some doobies and listening to Alabama Shakes at Bonoroo or Cochella even Firefly.

You can even follow the trend of oversized flower headbands and this outfit would be perfect for that scene. To complete the look, tan ankle boots help you walk through the grass from stage to stage.

Oh Hush!

If you are going to a festival make sure to wear close-toed shoes because I made the mistake of losing both my flip-flops while stumbling into a mosh pit...It was horrifying. NEVER AGAIN.
Model: Irmz Tank: Alpha Xi Delta Shorts: Supre Boots: Vintage

-Reddy Set Beauty


  1. Love that painting and your shorts!

    1. Thanks so much!
      Checked out your blog and loved it!


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