August 6, 2013

40 Day Dream

If it were appropriate to wear a maxi anywhere and everywhere, I would do it. If I had the chance I would wear maxi's all day, everyday. Its the flowy fabric and feminine quality of the dress that somehow puts me at ease.

It also doesn't hurt that a maxi, like a romper, is an outfit in one, meaning no stressful 2 hours, "what do I wear today?!" scenarios.

Buying this maxi helped me out since I put off buying something for my sisters graduation to the last minute. I ran into every store hoping to find something within my price rage. Well, finally I came to Forever21 hoping, nay praying that I would find something.


Quite literally, a tree hugger

I found this dress, in the CLEARANCE SECTION, marked down to $15. I swear to you reader, it was originally $30 (which is a little pricey for Forever21) and was marked down to $15 because one of the loops that held the waist sash was ripped. It's an easy fix if you have some grey thread.

So I bought the $15 dress, wore it to my sisters graduation with a black blazer and some low wedges and looked kind of amazing.

I've learned that you don't always have to splurge if you want to buy something last minute. If I shop at gap or banana there are always some coupons or sales codes valid, a quick google search will point you right to them.

My sister taught me that there is no point in paying full price. In the end almost everything comes marked down so it's just about playing the waiting game.

Model: Char Maxi Dress: Forever21 Watch: Etsy Sandals: Franco Sarto

-Reddy Set Beauty


  1. The color of your dress is beautiful! and thanks for the tip of the "waiting game" :)

    1. Thanks so much! And honestly that tip stands true today!
      I went on jcrew factory and bought something "on sale" and I went on the website only a day later and the price was reduced to lower than what I paid....super annoying and you can always as for the price adjustment!

  2. look so nature.i like your watch.PLEASE ENTER MY BLOG

    1. Thank you and I'll be sure to tell my model you said so!
      I checked out your blog and love it! Makes it super easy to shop this seasons trends because you break it down for me!


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