April 24, 2013

Daily Dress Me!

So I was browsing the internet looking for something to write about, yet nothing inspired me. My sister then told me about some website that gives you the weather report while simultaneously giving you clothing ideas that are appropriate for the highs and lows of that day.
Not only do I always wear the wrong outfit for the weather, causing me to either sweat profusely or chatter my teeth from the cold, I see girls, like myself, suffering a similar fate. I can never figure out what to wear and I finally give up and go to class or wherever in a sweatshirt, some loose jeans and a pair of uggs(or something of similar unkempt-ness). A solution was needed asap before I was photographed on peoples fashion fails of the week. I experimented with this website only one day so far and its worked great. I've applied some fashion trends while still remaining comfortable.
The website www.dailydressme.com is really easy to navigate, entering only your location you can find outfits (from Forever 21) that best suits the weather forecast for that given week.
I love this website because not only is Forever21 a popular clothing website, it also makes it easy to plan outfits for the coming week. Not everyone has the time to pick out outfits each morning before work and this website helps the planner in all of us. So I suggest giving this website a one week trial run and see if it's really helpful because you could get hooked!
The best part is there is an option for men! So there is no reason for your man to be walking about in a pair of cargo shorts and dumb and dumber t-shirt.

-Reddy Set Beauty

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