December 18, 2013

Santa Baby (Michael Buble Version)

Typically, I stay away from sweaters over skirts because you could look unkempt or it could be too bulky, or a number of other problems could occur. For this look, I asked Corey if she would ever wear an outfit like this out? She replied "Yeah, I think its cute and fun and I wouldn't wear it just anywhere, but for a christmas party this is cute."

That was it. This would be the first sweater skirt combo and I liked it. I had to ease into it by pairing a thinner sweater with a lot of embellishment with a pretty plain black skater skirt. However, I didn't want the outfit to be boring so we added some gold, polka dot tights. I think this outfit is really festive without becoming tacky or appearing to be trying too hard.

Since we only stayed with gold and black for our color palette doing a fun lip color, like the red, was perfect and festive.

I also thought this hat was absolutely adorable. I remember seeing them a lot in romantic comedies in the 80's and 90's. Remember this Molly Ringwald gem in Pretty in Pink.

OR perhaps this one?
Clearly she was the style icon for this outfit

Anyone hiring an animal photographer?
I couldn't not include this gem.
Model: Corey Top: Loft Skirt: Bowler Hat: Tights: Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Send me requests of any pieces or types of outfits you want to see this holiday season!!

-Reddy Set Beauty
December 13, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas


So its time to pull our those embellished gold sweaters and the polka dot tights because Christmas time is here. I've already had questions come my way about whats appropriate to wear to your annual holiday party. So for the next few posts I want to style some holiday looks.

Looks to wear to a christmas party or to go shopping for those secret santa gifts and everything in between. I personally think you can wear any plain sweater, throw on a scarf or some blinged out earrings and a nice pair of leather/pleater boots and be dressed for the season.

I might just become a dog photographer since I find myself shooting them....

Shiny Bow Rings are an amazing accessory! 

Perfect gift for a loved one: Michael Kors watch or Alex and Ani bracelets OR BOTH!

Bling Bling 


Thats what I've been doing. I went to Loft and stocked up on funky infinity scarves or popover such as this one Circle Scarf or Textured Popover.

For some funky sweaters (that are coincidentally on sale) I picked out stuff like this.
Sequin Striped Shoulder or this one Textured Colorblock Sweater.

For awesome boots I check and regularly because they always have boot sales from $35 up on brands and prices you can't beat.

Thats all for this post! Stay tuned for skirts and polka dot tights!!

Model: Corey Sweater:Loft Blazer:H&M Jeans:Abercrombie Boots:Stuart Weitzman Bag:Louis Vuitton Earrings:J. Crew Ring:Kate Spade Bracelets:Alex and Ani Watch:Michael Kors

-Reddy Set Beauty
November 28, 2013

Black Friday Breakdown: The guide to the best sales for the fashionista on a budget!

Okay, I've been going at Black Friday for the last 7 years or so. I've learned quite a few tips over the years and this year I plan on locking onto some serious sales because this will literally be the shop-till-you-drop sales event.
Thanksgiving is no longer about the turkey. It's about the high of getting up at midnight wearing you ugly running sneakers and beating out some old woman for the last pair of black leggings that are 50% off at your local Ann Taylor.
This is a no holds bar kind of night. Last year I got elbowed in the eye by an old indian woman for a gps...There are no rules and if you don't come out at the end of your shopping trip out of breath with claw marks on your face, then you clearly didn't do it right.
SO, this year I decided to list out all the sales I know about for the all the places I plan on hitting come midnight and hopefully that will help you avoid the 70 minute line at your local Urban Outfitters.

Ann Taylor: 

J. Crew:
30% off EVERYTHING. not the best sale thats all they've posted so far...Also it's J. Crew, not Forever21. If you're looking for 8 dollar denim go elsewhere #please&thankyou

J. Crew Factory: 
50% off EVERYTHING! da hell. If you didn't get out of bed for Ann Taylor then get up for J. Crew Factory! (or stay in bed because its online too.)

40% off EVERYTHING. I have some inside info that they might up the discount for a few hours during black friday keep your eyes out!

Up to 60% off + $100 gift card of $300 or more purchase! WHAAAAAAA

25% off entire order w/ code FEAST25. Eh.

Up to 60% off select styles and 20% your entire purchase. They are doing something special but haven't said what yet....damn hold out.

Club Monoco: (As if I could afford this shit at any discount)
30% off already-reduced items (i.e. sale)

50% off sale items. Free shipping of $30 or more. Also they will probably have their yellow tag sales like last year. Didn't wow me too much.

Sales up to 70% off and free shipping on $50 or more.

Unclear. But I stalked the website and some of the merchandise is up to 50% off. Apparently their beauty products will see the most sale...

Victoria Secret:
$15 off $100 purchase today (thanksgiving day) only. Holding out on their black friday sale but email blast will be sent out. ALSO starting tomorrow you can redeem your gift card of up to $500. ALSO
buy 1 get 1 50% off on bras.

Urban Outfitters: 
Shoppers who arrive before 10am recieve an additional 50% sale items...sooo go crazy on the logo tees and torn denim that are perfect for next fall?


The classic shoe brand will be offering a buy one, get one 50 per cent off promotion to Black Friday shoppers, with select styles selling for $15-25.

Ok thats all I can think of or get info on right now! Message or comment for any questions or tips for black friday sales/shopping!
Have a happy Thanksgiving...

And a badass Black Friday everyone!

-Reddy Set Beauty
October 14, 2013

Goin Back to Cali

Todays look is the first look that I actually styled in the fall. I went a little crazy and browsed a ton of different fashion sites and stumbled upon J. Crew Factorys site. It has become my new obsession. I am not playing around when I say that it's pretty addicting when they're constantly on sale. I waited for the 50% off sale, which is still going on (so get on it).

You can find these items here!!!

J. Crew Sweater: Bulldog Sweater
Button Up: Not online anywhere
J. Crew Necklace: Sweeping Stones Necklace
Gap Jeans: Similar Jeans
Boots: Similar Shoes (leather not suede)

Okay, I bought the sweater and the necklace at the same time. Let me give you a play-by-play on my thoughts about purchasing these things. Whenever I do buy something, I always make sure I think about what i'd wear it with. Obviously this sweater and necklace are a seamless match because not only is that French Bulldog loving life, but the necklace features the aqua and pink that is on the bulldog.

It's a given that when I wear Navy that I add brown shoes. It always seems to work together so why mess with success right?

If you couldn't tell already, she really loves that dog...

I wanted to add some layering effect and this Loft button up I bought last month is perfect. The button up has a subtle pattern with the polka dots and doesn't make the outfit look too busy at the neckline. GAH I can not express how much I love this outfit!

I think this is my favorite outfit....EVER. I may say that a lot but you have to favor the look that involves a dog sweater right?

Such dainty looking hands don't ya think?
Model: Brooks T Button Up: Loft Sweater: J. Crew Factory Necklace: J. Crew Factory Belt: Heritage Jeans: Gap Watch: Timex Earrings: Lord & Taylor

-Reddy Set Beauty
October 11, 2013

My Unusual Friend

Hello Hello!

I really need to stop taking these long hiatuses because I miss you all too much.
However on my hiatus I did land a job working at one of my favorite retailers and after a few weeks i decided to change the layout of my blog. I wanted something simple enough that my pictures would stand out and thats what I found.

The Blog Boat on is amazing. Not only is she super helpful in setting your blog up she has amazing design! For anyone looking to change up their blog check her out!

Now on to the fashions! This jacket has become a power piece for me. It was the first piece I bought that I wasn't really sure how to dress. It seems easy enough but had I not found it on sale for $12 dollars at H&M I probably wouldn't have looked twice.

Action shot!

I've worn the jacket with v necks to blouses to tanks of all colors and materials. Since it's black and white it goes with most colors but the trick is finding which patterns it compliments. I wanted to post a look easy enough to recreate! That is why I chose this baby blue peplum tank.

The tank is super plain so you can dress it up with some statement jewels. You can always wear a wreath necklace which would work for the neckline. You could also do some chuncky bold earrings that would be perfect for a sock bun.

I don't know where this necklace is from but my sister gave it to me a while ago and I love it. I have never seen anything like it and I love the rusted gold effect.

Model: Char Jacket: H&M Peplum top: H&M Denim: Gap Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace: Gift Watch: Etsy

-Reddy Set Beauty

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